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Data Recovery Advice:

1. Visit the Provider - It is very easy throw up a website and claim to be a Data Recovery Provider. DataRescue offers:

  • Extensive Data Recovery Certification and Experience.
  • Extensive Data Recovery resources e.g. Facilities, Equipment, Donor Drives etc.
  • Transparent Data Recovery Pricing and Processes.
  • Formal Data Recovery Security Protocols.

2. Beware Free Evaluations - a free evaluation doesn't mean that you have nothing to lose. Once your media is in the wrong hands you have everything to lose.

3. Beware of Low Over-The-Phone Quotations - You only get one chance for data recovery - choose wisely.


DataRescue HeadSwap

The service was outstanding. We received regular progress updates and lots of useful advice on future preventative measures. The entire process was quick and efficient.... ,Ciara Doran - Dept of Physiology, University College Cork.

Our Services

Data Recovery Services

We recover data from virtually any type of drives in a confidential, efficient, fast and cost effective manner.

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State of the art facilities

State of the Art Facility

We operate from a state of the art facility in a clean environment to insure maximum success of recovery



We offer evaluations providing you with a clear fully inclusive cost of data recovery and what to expect.

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